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vzaar-- Video Hosting Platform for Education


vzaar is the perfect solution for schools looking for a way to manage all the video uses and needs across your district or campus.  Video and video technology is increasing its presence in education. vzaar has teamed up with NHSTE to create special best price offers exclusively for NHSTE members. 

 vzaar’s unique multi- user account feature means each teacher, department, school or group can have their own video ‘face’ within the larger account which provides administrative control over brand, file encoding and playback settings insuring security where it is needed, and cost control on streaming bandwidth.  

Who needs vzaar?

    Teachers, Administrators, Coaches, Tutors, Paraprofessionals

    Educational Leaders


    Library and Media Specialists

    IT Departments

    Public Relations, Publicity, Communication Leaders

    Supervisors, Mentors, Teaching Coaches

    Athletic Departments

    Student Groups

    Community Groups and Partners

    Portfolio Administrators

Why is vzaar needed?

    Integrates with your LMS

    Creates additional learning modalities for your educators

    On-line learning grows the student base

    Insure consistent viewing experience with responsive playback and optimized mobile device streams

    Provides security for online learning 

    Provides security for the intellectual property of your educators and innovators

    Provides consistency of video assets across campus

    Improves branding and promotes your institution wherever the video is played

    Consolidates storage and access to videos

    Frees up network bandwidth

    Allows access to archival material to multiple and remote viewers- formerly only available in hard copy format from the library

New to video?  Bringing your school on board at this early stage, provides a great opportunity to get ahead of the game and set administrative policy and procedures around video asset management and use by faculty and staff.   A single vzaar account can grow with your varied needs expand. Your account is not limited and can be utilized by any department, office or group affiliated with your institution.

Key features and low cost- Implementing a video hosting solution should not be impeded by cost.  vzaar will provide all the important features you need in order to utilize the platform and address all your needs across your school and district.

The customizable player will bring consistency to the branding and watermarking of your institution’s video content.  Create a unique branded player for educational, promotional, and student personal or portfolio videos.

Need to get social with certain videos? - vzaar’s unique YouTube syndication automatically uploads the branded videos of your choice to your YouTube channel.

Many key features are listed on our pricing sheet but you should look at all the features on our website.  Better yet, take vzaar for a free 30 day spin.  No credit card required.  For additional questions, you can always set up a call with your our sales or technical support team.

NHSTE discounted pricing

vzaar’s North American Headquarters is located in Portsmouth, NH.

Adam Gilsdorf, Education Specialist
mobile 603-275-4127

office: 603-373-0378


Free Trial https://app.vzaar.com/signup

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