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NHSTE is very pleased to announce discounted pricing for many Inq - ITS products.

For more information, quotes or pricing, please contact:
Cyndy Currier, ccurrier@mac.com, 603-801-0444.

POs and payments should be made to:
PO Box 358
Georges Mills, NH 03751
FAX: 603-763-3473

Standards aligned labs that auto-score science practices

Inq-ITS is a science learning platform for middle school students with simulations for Physical, Life, and Earth Science - aligned with NGSS standards. Students show what they know and educators get real-time, actionable data they can use to tailor their class instruction or individual support. A pop-up cartoon dinosaur named Rex provides automatic support right when it is needed. 

Inq-ITS: an Inquiry Intelligent Tutoring System

Œ Inquiry starts by forming a testable hypothesis

All Inq-ITS activities have a similar look-and-feel to guide students through the inquiry process: hypothesizing, collecting data, analyzing their data, and communicating findings.

 Students design and run their own experiments, collecting data to test their hypothesis

Inq-ITS uses data-mined algorithms to determine when students do not test their hypotheses, or do not design controlled experiments, both important inquiry skills.

Automatic assessment Reports allow educators to see trends in their classroom and identify struggling students.

Inq-ITS' real time assessment enable teachers to quickly tell how the class is progressing, and to assess each individual student's understandings of key inquiry skills at a fine-grained level– both on each inquiry skill and sub-skill.

Below is a sample report– As students improve on their inquiry skills, they move from yellow ( ower level performance), to blue (acquiring concept), and finally to dark blue (highly skilled).

Our real – time to alert platform, InqBlotter, helps educators focus their efforts when and where it matters most. Since timely feedback is critical to deep learning, InqBlotter, a mobile alert system,  allows teachers to know who needs help the most, and on which specific inquiry skills.

Platforms - Inq-ITS requires only a web browser and an internet connection (no installation). It can be used on PC/Mac laptops, iPads, and Chromebooks. InqBlotter can be used on tablets; mobile support is coming soon.

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