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ISTE's Making IT Happen Award

The Making IT Happen award honors outstanding educators and leaders who demonstrate extraordinary commitment, leadership, courage and persistence in improving digital learning opportunities for students.

Award recipients are educators who:

  • Apply available technology now.
  • Move forward and don't look back.
  • See students are real people.
  • Teach through relationships, inspiring, encouraging, and nurturing.
  • Recognize that further change is necessary, but understand that it is a process.
  • Realize that teacher empowerment is the key element to technology that is a process.
  • expect success.
  • Motivate through awareness and access to information.


Stan Freeda and Andrea O'Neil

Andrea has been a key NHSTE board member for nearly two decades. Currently Vice President, she has held many positions and is always ready to help take on new responsibilities when and where needed. Andrea served as NHSTE Awards Chair for nine years. She became the MIH award committee chair in 2017. Andrea has co-chaired many events including the NHSTE Annual Membership/N3 Dinners and both NHSTE 30th Anniversary and CMTC 35th Anniversary celebrations where she was instrumental in creating technology museums. An annual presenter at CMTC, Andrea is recognized as one of CMTC's Stars for her contributions. She is always there to help fill a need and support others - Making NHSTE Happen! In addition, an educator for 30 years, Andrea exemplifies the NHSTE mission as K-12 School Library Media Specialist at Auburn Village School by pouring her heart and soul into inspiring, creating, and supporting a culture of connected learners.

Stan Freeda is the State Educational Technology Director and specialist for Online Learning at the NHDoE. He maintains and develops NHEON.org - a resource for NH Educational Technology (#NHEdTech). Stan supports educational technology in NH schools through K-12 Digital Literacy program development, state-wide applications licensing, and technology planning. He has taught and developed science and education courses at the college level, both online and face-to-face. Stan is an extremely valued member of the NHSTE Board as NHDoE Liaison and is a NHSTE Past President (2017-2019). A past science teacher, he serves on the Board of Directors for NH Agriculture in the Classroom (NHAITC). An active member of SETDA, he was honored to receive the SETDA Leader of the Year Award in 2017. Stan’s dedication to the transformation of teaching and learning through technology in NH and his support for NHSTE makes him an amazing example of the NHSTE and ISTE missions!

Past NHSTE Award Winners

2019 - Stan Freeda and Andrea O'Neil

2018 - Kathleen McClaskey and Celeste Best

2017 - Shelia Adams and Anne Knight

2016 - John Martin and Donna Dennis

2015 - Ina Ahern and Kathy Malsbenden

2014 - Deb Boisvert and Bill Carozza 

2013 - Maria Knee and Mike Wakefield

2012 - Roy Bailey and Glen Page

2011 - Cyndi Dunlap and Cathy Higgins

Click here to read more about the past winners.

For more information, click here to visit ISTE's Making IT Happen Awards Page.

Making IT Happen Award winners from all over the nation at the ISTE 2015 Awards Celebration Luncheon. Image courtesy of ISTE.

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